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Did you know that there are 33 million Americans without health insurance? In today's day and age, health care costs have been on the rise. It has become more difficult to receive health care that individuals need, especially if they are uninsured. EasySure is an all-in-one inclusive app that allows users to obtain real time health care quotes in a matter of minutes. EasySure displays health care quotes in an innovative, easy-to-read, simplistic format that is directed towards its users. Upon opening the EasySure app, the user is directed to a basic Information page where the they can fill out a form. After submitting basic information form, users are presented with real time quotes with out the need of Social Security Number. EasySure is capable of listing health insurance options from multiple competitors. It is our opinion that the process of obtaining health care coverage is in need of alternative solutions. EasySure is the next step to solving this nation wide issue.
Keywords: Health Insurance, Obama Care, Affordable Care Act, Quotes.
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*Note: EasySure is not endorsed by any healthcare provider or federal government. We have a strong passion for making sure that everyone has healthcare if they so choose. :)